Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Negros Museum Goal: 2,011 FACEBOOK FRIENDS by Year 2011!


2011 Friends on Facebook

The Negros Museum is calling out for help. Not to close this time but for all Negrenses and netizens to help them hit 2,011 friends or more before Year 2011 arrives. 

Friends of the Negros Museum's Official Facebook account have started from Monday's 900+ followers to 1,100 as of Tuesday December 7, 2010. The museum will give free Museum guided tours and several surprise gifts from the Museum Shop to anyone who can suggest or refer as many contacts as they can to their FB account.

For the past 3 months, the museum had gained hundreds of friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and Blogspot with one common email add: negros_museum96@yahoo.com.

This is a call from the museum to expand their reach to the Negrenses here and abroad specifically because of the popularity of social networking sites as a means of marketing and information dissemination. 

The museum's Facebook includes event updates, photos of the happenings at the museum, exhibit openings. 

Some have expressed their intention of donating valuable artifacts and some have bought paintings through Facebook. 

Due to the lack of funds, the museum does not have its own official website and making use of social networking sites like Facebook to gain more online visibility.

If you are a Negrense, a netizen or both, please add us on Facebook or contact us at 09173007742 or 4334764 for more information.

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