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Address: Old Agricultural Building
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                        Contact Persons: Vhon Sevilleno / Niña Bonilla

Continuous Education Program, Workshops and Seminars

“Dance Synergy:
Choreography and Dance Techniques”
For Choreographers, Teachers and Dance Professionals

Basic Information about the Workshop

Title of Workshop:              Dance Synergy: Choreography and Dance Techniques

Target:                                  Choreographers, PE Teachers, Dance Teachers,
Dance Professionals

Resource Person:                 Zandro Flores (see Artist Profile - Zandro Flores)

Other Features:                   Music by El Quatro Drumbeaters
                                                Dancers/Assistants from DanzWorld Company

Brief Description:
This workshop is for dance professionals and choreographers who wants to learn more on how to be an effective choreographer basing on a given group of dancers or music. However, it is presumed that the participant would have learned how to dance and have covered the basics of dancing. This specific dance workshop will not teach dancing per se but will enhance the participant’s knowledge with techniques shared by the resource person’s working experience throughout his 22 years as Choreographer and Artistic Director.
This workshop values the learning process through “working”. So students are not just attending a typical sit-in seminar but, will be learning through actual presentation of work and critique from the resource person and the class.
At the end of Day 2, the whole class shall mount a performance for an invited audience in the Negros Museum. This will also be their final evaluation and graduation activity.


To impart knowledge about choreography and dance techniques to choreographers, dancers and teachers in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental
To share the artist’s knowledge of choreography and his working experience
To be open for evaluation to enhance the participant’s work and knowledge
To mount a performance after the workshop to apply their learning

Fees and other details:

Participant must be a choreographer, teacher for dance or physical education, dance professional.
Registration fee is P 2,200.00 inclusive of snacks and lunch for 2 days. Workshop Kits will also be given.
The participant are required to wear their “workshop attire” or “working clothes” for the two days.  (example: tights and leotards, jogging pants, jazz pants, comfortable clothes)
At the end of the workshop, the participant will be receiving a Certificate for his/her participation and attendance.

Contact Details of THE NEGROS MUSEUM:

Old Agricultural Building
Gatuslao St. Bacolod City
Negros Occidental  6100

Telefax  034 4334764
Tel. 034 7085080 /  034 431-9451

                        Contact Persons: Vhon Sevilleno / Niña Bonilla