Conceived in 1987, the Negros Museum opened on March 16, 1996 and
served as Negros Occidental’s provincial museum. Housed in Bacolod’s
historic neoclassical capitol building built in 1925, the museum is unique as
museums go because it does not focus on precious artifacts. Instead it makes
innovative use of original contemporary artworks as well as quality
reproductions to tell the story of Negros. It is a child-friendly museum with a
livelihood component. Local artists and artisans sell copies of their
commissioned works at the Museum Shop.

     The Negros Museum is the first in the Philippines curatorially conceived
without focus on precious artifacts, but instead on the complex stories and
people whose lives make up the stories.

     Originally opened in March 16, 1996 at the Provincial Capitol Building,
the Negros Museum transferred to its current location which is the Former
Agricultural Building in Gatuslao Street in May 2003, attaining its “art deco
influenced look, through the fusion of the building’s already present
foundation, and the reconstruction of pillars remnant of its provincial

     The Negros Museum presents in a capsule the bounty that is the history,
art and culture of the people of Negros Island.