Mission and Vision


The Negros Museum is dedicated to promoting and sustaining a deep
understanding of local culture, history, artistic practice, and ecology, primarily
among the children and youth of the island of Negros, and also among peoples
visiting the various areas of the province. The Negros Museum commits to this
work in order to contribute to long lasting social understanding.


We envision to become an exemplary center for arts, culture and
Filipino heritage.


To provide a formal, institutional medium which will expeditiously
promote and enhance cultural artistic and socio historical awareness and to
develop the NCF as an exemplary learning and outreach center in the
Philippines particularly the province of Negros Occidental.


History and Culture

To help Negros children and youth learn more about their history and culture
so that they may be proud of their cultural identity which was made unique by
the heavy globalization of Negros in the mid-19th century a process which
created complex links between local and national, and local and international
culture and history.


To create a strong infrastructure for the presentation and growth of local art
and crafts by raising the livelihood components of the museum to the level of
curatorship. To provide livelihood and opportunities for learning and
exposure for local artists and artisans in connection with the museum’s
collections and exhibitions.


To help Negros children and youth become more aware of their essential
relationship with the environment and to empower them to conserve their
natural heritage by providing information and linkages with environmental

Our Community

The Negros Museum regards the children and youth of Negros (ages 3-18) as
its primary public. The Museum plays an educational role in the community
and views itself as an institution complementing and augmenting the
information provided by schools.
The Negros Museum’s secondary publics are its local and international
visitors. With its prime location at the heart of the capital, Bacolod City, the
museum is especially positioned to serve as a valuable entry point to the
province – indicating the ways by which local, national, and international
culture and history have intersected in the various towns and cities of Negros.