Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nights at the Museum: Eat.Drink.Sing.Love


Eat.Drink.Sing.Love on September 30, 2011, Friday 7pm at the Museum Cafe. P 300.00 with free drink and appetizer.

Checcs and Jet sing for their mountain schoolchildren. 
featuring music of adele, r.e.m., evanescence, eva cassidy, snow patrol, vampires and more.

a multi-media concert directed by Jade Snow.
Limited seats.

For more information and ticket reservations,
please message us or contact: 09154472885 or 7085080.

hi friends...

some of you have been fervent supporters of our R.E.C.O.P. projects for mountain schoolchildren.

for the rest who have not known about our program - jet and I go up the mountains to bring wholistic activities to schoolchildren.

almost all of these schools are inaccessible to vehicles, do not have electricity & water, bereft of resources and school supplies.

most of the boys leave school before adolescence to work the sugarcane fields and girls are married off by the age of 15, some as young as 13.

most of the schoolchildren have never seen a TV set and will never ever leave their small sitios. they have no concept of the city or the Philippines, aside from pictures they see in old books.

they only have 1 pencil every schoolyear. some siblings break a pencil in half and share it. they do not own notebooks or pad paper. they have never seen modeling clay – they think it is candy.

they do not have school shoes. a pair of slippers should last at least 2 years. some walk to school barefoot for hours and when they’re inside their classroom, only then shall they wear their slippers.

most of them eat only 2 meals a day – a cup of rice and dried fish heads.

together with volunteers, we go up the mountains and deliver the hope that they can be better than what they already are.

we feed them 3 nutritious meals each day for 2-3 days. most of the time, we feed the whole times, reaching 700 people.

we give them books, bags (made from recycled tarpaulin), slippers, pad paper, notebooks, pencils, ballpens, rulers, erasers, art paper, bond paper, drawing paper, crayons, scissors, paste. some of you may think these are just material things but these school supplies give them a sense of pride and ownership. the art supplies make their hands busy and trigger their creativity.

we read them stories while projecting pictures in a big screen. we teach them to draw and paint. we ask them to do collages. we teach them to sculpt with clay. then, we give awards to the best artworks.

we give them sports equipment like volleyballs, footballs, pingpong sets. sometimes, hula hoops and skipping ropes. we teach them sports.

we give their parents bags of rice, medicine kits and teach them basic first aid and CPR.

at night, they delight over films shown in a big screen…complete with sound system. almost all of them have never had this experience of watching films. this is why some adults walk for hours just to attend the film showings.

now, you ask where you come in.

every year, jet and I fundraise to cover some of the expenses of these mountain trips. the fundraisers vary as we go along.

this year, we thought of doing a show at the museum café of the negros museum. the multi-media show will be directed by our friend jade snow…with production design by dr. adrian torres. jet and I will be singing a myriad of songs…from adele, R.E.M, evanescence, eva cassidy, and more. some of the songs will be accompanied by short film clips.

in addition, we sold some of the songs to our loyal RECOP supporters. each special song is for P 500 only – during the show, we dedicate the song to the buyer!

maybe you’d like to request one, too? we can dedicate the song to you or your special friend...or family or pet. but be sure to get in touch with us asap so we can have time to learn your song.

by the way, tickets are P 300 each and come with a free drink and appetizer. there are only 70 seats at the café.

jet and I are fervently asking you to come and watch the show. please, please help us give mountain schoolchildren the hope that they can have a better life…and that they are not solely bound to the land they till and that there is a bigger world outside of that which they know of.

with your support, we can change their lives.

you can make the change now by picking up the phone and calling Tata at the negros museum - 7085080 or 0915-4472885 to buy/reserve your tickets.

thank you and see you on September 30, Friday at 7 pm!


Jet & Checcs

For more information about RECOP and watch our videos, pls visit or search for RECOP here in FaceBook.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Special Screening and Forum with Cannes Film Festival Best Director Brillante Mendoza

Special Screening and Forum with Cannes Film Festival Best Director Brillante Mendoza

Nights at the Negros Museum proudly presents the special screenings of "Kinatay" and "Serbis" by Cannes Film Festival 2009 Best Director Brillante Mendoza on October 14, 2011.

"Kinatay", which won for Mendoza the Best Director in the Cannes Film Festival, is a story that revolves around a young criminology graduate who wants to earn money so he can marry his girlfriend. He was given a chance to earn big bucks but he later found himself involved in the killing of a woman and chopping her to pieces. This will be shown on October 14, Friday, 2:30 PM at the Museum Gallery. 

The other film of Direk "Dante" Mendoza to be screened at the Negros Museum on October 14, Friday at 1:00 PM is "Serbis", 2008 entry to the Cannes Film Festival. "Serbis", a drama, revolves around a family who runs a dilapidated movie theater that doubles as family business and living space. 

At one time a prestige establishment, the theater now runs porn double bills and serves as a meeting ground for hustlers of every conceivable persuasion. 

The film captures the sordid, fetid atmosphere, interweaving various family subplots with the comings and goings of customers, thieves and even a runaway goat while enveloping the viewer in a maelstrom of sound, noise and continuous motion. (excerpts of movie press releases)

Direk Brillante Mendoza will be here to join the October MassKara festivities in Bacolod City. Direk Dante would like to meet with other artists, students and interested individuals to talk about films and art at the Negros Museum.

Tickets available at P100 for every film at the Negros Museum. Buy your tickets or reserve online through our Facebook: For more information, please call 034-7085080 | 4319451 or 09154472885. #

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend Workshops: Documentation Photography with Direk Jay Abello

Documentation Photography

This workshop is for serious hobbyists (23 years old and up) who want to learn more about telling the story. 

No glamour.
Shoot the moment.
Tell the Story.

We will be documenting the preparations of the MassKara Festival Dance Parade and everything about MassKara Festival 2011.

Main Venue: The Negros Museum
And participants will be shooting around the city

day 1 - october 7 (friday) - lecture - 6pm-10pm
day 2 - october 8 (sat) - shoot (whole day)
day 3 - october 9 (sun) - shoot (whole day)
day 4 - october 10 (mon) - lecture (6pm-10pm)

Output will be an Exhibit at the Negros Museum and photos will be used for postcards at the Museum Shop.

Workshop Fee: P 3,000
Very limited slots only.
Registration and Payment until 6pm, October 4, 2011, Tuesday.
Call 7085080 or 09154472885 (Negros Museum)

About Direk Jay Abello:

Jay Abello is an industry disciple who finds passion within the frame of artistry. He has made of himself a dedicated filmmaker and Cinematographer on production experience working under five different highly acclaimed directors (Erik Matti, Yam Laranas, Peque Gallaga, Laurice Guillen and Mark Meily), paying his dues as Property Master to Co-Writer (Sa Huling Paghihintay, Viva Films, 2001 and Dos Ekis, Viva Films, 2001) and as Assistant Director in the course of 7 years.
By 2002, he moved to television as floor director to three of the top rated television series (Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw, Te Amo, and Mulawin) under GMA-7 Network Television.
Jay Abello values his light and composition. He took photography lessons via a correspondence course at the New York Institute of Photography in 1997 and has become an avid hobbyist since. In 2003, he started apprenticing under Lee Meily for Cinematography in television commercials and one feature film.
A love for telling stories has lent existence to two of his best known short films
7-Cut (1998, Writer/Director/Producer) and Beinte Siete (2004, Writer/Director-
/Producer) both winners of the Crystal Piaya for Best Picture in the Negros Summer Workshops.
By May 2006, he attends the Digital Photography workshop at The Newberry Library in Chicago, IL., Feature Film Lighting Workshops in Rockport College, Rockport, ME by July, and the Kodak 16mm Cinematography Workshop by September.
After his first feature film as Director/Producer/Co-Writer Ligaw Liham in 2007 (Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival), he went on to do mostly Cinematography work for Mark Meily (Camera Café and You Women), Joanna Vasquez Arong (Amihan, Team Los Indios, Philippines for the International Documentary Challenge), Coreen Jimenez (Kano: The American and his Harem, a full-feature documentary, Arkeo Films) and directed a TV show Hush Hush for TV5. His second film Namets! (Yummy) which he directed, produced and did associate photography for was also a finalist in the 2008 Cinemalaya Festival.
He is currently working on a full-feature documentary on the sugar industry of Negros entitled Pureza (Bonfire Productions, Inc. and Negros Pureza Foundation, Inc.) and in pre-production on a water movie called SUR: the beauty of the South (Bonfire Productions, Inc).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exhibit at the Negros Museum: IDentity 1 by Jun-Jun Sta. Ana

IDentity 1 by Jun-Jun Sta. Ana
Chicago-based Artist

JunJun Sta. Ana


at the Negros Museum

The Negros Museum presents “Identity 1” of artist  Jun-Jun  Sta. Ana from September 9 to October 9, 2011. The exhibit will open September 9 at 9:30am at the Negros Museum.

Sta. Ana is a Chicago-based artist who has exhibited in different galleries and museums in the Philippines such as the Vargas Museum-University of the Philippines, Intercontinental Hotel in Makati, Avellana Art Gallery in Pasay City and here in Negros at Balay ni Tana Dicang’s Capitana Gallery.

The artist also had exhibitions all over the United States and Russia. For these past few years, he has exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Chicago Cultural Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinberg, Russia, and at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago Illinois.

The artist also invites educators and students of art and humanities (art appreciation) and all art enthusiasts for an art talk after the exhibit opening on September 9. For interested individuals and groups, please contact the Negros Museum at 7085080 or 09213307861. #