Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Free puppet play for all Negrense kids

Puppets will invade The Negros Museum on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 4:00PM for a free puppet show for all kids of Negros.

The Negros Museum would like to invite kids of all ages, parents and friends of the museum to come and enjoy the final output of the Puppetry Workshop Class 2010.

Interested individuals and larger groups from schools and organizations are advised to call ahead for reservations.

Make-your-own-puppet kits and other materials for puppetry will also be sold at the Museum Shop.

For more information, please contact the museum at Tel. (034) 4319451 / 7085080 / 4334764 / 09213307861 or email us at negros_museum96@yahoo.com.

Monday, September 27, 2010

NEGROS MUSEUM - 1st Children's Book Seminar

Coming up! The 1st NEGROS MUSEUM Children’s Book Seminar in Bacolod: Saturday, 2010 October 23

The 1st NEGROS MUSEUM Children’s Book Seminar in Bacolod is scheduled for Saturday October 23, 2010. It will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Negros Museum, Old Agricultural Building, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Do you have a passion for children’s literature? Are you a published, unpublished, soon to be published, or aspiring writer or illustrator of children’s and young adult books? If yes, you’re welcome to register! You just need to be 18 years old or older, no upper limit.

The seminar will be conducted by Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo and Dominique Garde Torres, members of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)."

Register now! Thirty slots only, first come first served. Registration will close at 5 p.m. Thursday, October 14, 2010. Walk-ins or late registrants will not be allowed on the day of the seminar.

For more information, contact:
Ihvonnie Sevilleno, Mktg & Comm Officer, The Negros Museum, Old Agricultural Building, Bacolod City 6100 Negros Occidental, Philippines, Tel. 6334 708 5080, Telefax  6334 433 4764 / Cel 0921-3307861, E-mail negros_museum96@yahoo.com

Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo, Regional Advisor, SCBWI Philippines. E-mail taguiwalo8888@yahoo.com, Cellphone no. 0917-787-4956.

Dominique Garde Torres (Nikki), Asst. Regional Advisor, SCBWI Philippines. E-mail nikkigtorres@yahoo.com, Cellphone no. 0905-347-1668

Friday, September 24, 2010

Negros Museum: Things You Need to Know about the Negros Museum

Negros Museum

Negros Museum Location: Old Agricultural Building, Gatuslao Street, 
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Negros Museum Contact Numbers:
Negros Museum Tel. Nos. (+6334) 4334764 | 7085080 | 4319451
Negros Museum Email: negros_museum96@yahoo.com
Negros Museum Blog: http://negrosmuseum.blogspot.com
Negros Museum Multiply: http://negrosmuseum.multiply.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/negrosmuseum

The Negros Museum is open for you from 9am - 6pm Mondays to Saturdays.

We are also open for Sunday appointments and large audiences. Please book in advance so we can accommodate you. 


General Admission     P 50.00
Senior Citizens     P 40.00
Students and Children     P 20.00

Negros Museum

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TILAW SILAY, A Taste of Silay

The Negros Museum
The Negros Cultural Foundation
and Balay Negrense

Tilaw Silay

featuring cooking demos of

Piaya, Panara & Kalamay Hati

A Taste of Silay

Tickets sold at P200.00 (consumable)

For inquiries, contact The Negros Museum 09274717742 / 09213307861 / 4334764 / 7085080 / 4319451
and Balay Negrense 714 7676

October 5, 2010 * 2 PM * Balay Negrense
A project of Negros Cultural Foundation

featuring cooking demos of
Piaya, Panara & Kalamay Hati

Dear Friends, 

In response to the call of the Department of Tourism Secretary, Alberto Lim, to promote Food tourism in the country, the Negros Cultural Foundation has initiated its own. The Negros Cultural Foundation will launchTilaw Silay on August 24, 2010 to keep alive the tradition and preserve the rich heritage of Silay City as the food capital of Negros by introducing food tours.

We proudly invite you and the members of your organization or association to taste the food products of Silay City through an on the spot cooking-demo and sale of these food items at the Balay Negrense grounds.

We welcome you to help us evaluate our presentation before this event can be one of the tour destinations of Negros.

Tickets will be sold at P200 per person which you can use to purchase various food items. As an added attraction, the artists and artisans of Silay City will exhibit their works and make them available for sale. We are very positive that this event will once again make Silay City shine as the center of arts and culture of the province and we are seeking your kind support for this endeavor.

Negros Cultural Foundation
Negros Museum


Negros Museum: Kitchen Art Exhibit

The Negros Cultural Foundation is inviting all artists and photographers to join the Kitchen Art Exhibit 2010 at Balay Negrense, Silay City. Initial meeting will be on September 29, 2010 at 2PM at The Negros Museum.

The foundation together with the two main museums in Negros, Balay Negrense and Negros Museum, is currently gearing up for this event in response to the Department of Tourism’s appeal to promote food tourism in the country.

For this year’s Cinco de Noviembre celebration, artists and photographers are encouraged to join in selling their works with the theme focused on Food and Kitchen. Artworks or photographs are to be sold between 5 pesos to P 5,000.

Interested artists, photographers and individuals who want to join the exhibit are kindly asked to communicate with Paolo Fortaleza of The Negros Museum: 4334764 / 7085080 / 4319451 / 09166737798 or visit us at negrosmuseum.blogspot.com.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with a NCF representative, contact us at these numbers: 034 4334764 / 7085080 / 4319451 / 09166737798.

Negros Museum

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Negros Museum presents RAYMOND LEGASPI Art Exhibit "UHAW-UHAW GIDJA"

Negros Museum

Silaynon Artist 

Raymond Legaspi


Art Exhibit: “Uhaw-Uhaw Gidja” by Raymond Legaspi

The Negros Museum is proud to present its October offering for art lovers and patrons with Silaynon artist Raymond Legaspi’s one-man show entitled “Uhaw Uhaw Gidja” from October 1-15, 2010 at the museum.

“Uhaw- Uhaw” means in Ilonggo dialect as very thirsty and “Gidja” is superlative expression. His recent works in this exhibit feature his signature big-bodied characters.

Legaspi is an advertising executive turned artist and has exhibited at the Ayala Museum and art galleries here in Bacolod.

This is open for free for all interested individuals or groups. For more information, please check TNM blog 
http://negrosmuseum.blogspot.com/ or contact these numbers 034 4334764 / 7085080 / 431-9451 or 0921-3307861. Add TNM negros_museum96@yahoo.com. on Facebook, Twitter and Multiply.

You may also visit the artist's blog at 

Negros Museum

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Puppetry Workshop on October 1 & 2,2010.

Learn how to make your puppets, scriptwriting for puppet play, producing and managing your own puppet theater play!

Perfect for pre-school teachers, mothers and those working for children or just about anyone who wants to learn more about this craft.

Registration at 2,200 pesos only! 

Inclusive of one (1) puppet, materials, handouts, GCs and food. Limited slots only.

Early bird rates available until September 17 or you can pair up with another person or two others to get more discounts.

Please contact us for more information:
034 4334764 / 7085080 / 0921 3307861
email: negros_museum96@yahoo.com.

EARLY BIRD RATE = P2,000.00 only!

Pay early and get BIG BIG discounts!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THE NEGROS MUSEUM hosts Direk Behn Cervantes

THE NEGROS MUSEUM hosts Direk Behn Cervantes
Museum hosts a series of open forum to talk about the works of Lino Brocka

The Negros Museum will be hosting an open forum with Direk Behn Cervantes as he talks about the films of late film director Lino Brocka on September 3 and 4, 2010, 10AM at the Museum Lobby.

The museum opens its doors to all students, teachers, film enthusiasts, film makers, theater artists and all who are interested to participate in this rare activity. 

Direk Behn Cervantes is a former UP professor, stage director and nationalist. He was working closely with Direk Brocka during the 70s and 80s. He directed SAKADA, a film about the plight of the sugar farm laborers in Negros island.   (see Sakada by Direk Behn Cervantes )

The Negros Museum is proud to provide the public with these activities related to art, history and culture to all Negrenses.

This is open for free for all interested individuals or groups. For more information, please check TNM blog http://negrosmuseum.blogspot.com or contact these numbers 034 4334764 / 7085080 / 0921-3307861.  Add TNM negros_museum96@yahoo.com. on Facebook, Twitter and Multiply. 

Interested individuals are advised to call for pre-registration.